Small Houses Become More Popular Every Year

Credit: Prefabulous Small Houses by Sheri Koones

The following Forward by Robert Redford can be found on page 3 of Sheri Koones Book. 

"We know that 38% to 40% of energy in this country is used to heat and cool our buildings - residential and commercial. This old way is expensive, dirty, and a proven danger to life. Yet it's a problem with a solution. But we must decide to apply that solution now. This book advocates for smaller houses, which is a strong trend in this country. Smaller houses reduce wasted space that most people don't need or use. Smaller, better-built houses teach us to curb our appetite for energy and lessen our need to build, heat, cool, and maintain that extra space we don't need or even want. Building smaller, along with building houses prefabricated- in the process using less time, fewer materials, and using both more efficiently- is the sanest and wisest recipe for home construction, for now and the future."

Additionally, Sheri states in her introduction:

"Building better is preferable to building bigger". 

The homes displayed within her book "demonstrate how a dwelling built with smart construction techniques can provide all the room a family might need. And they show how building an energy-efficient, healthy environment beats living in a large drafty house that contains rooms that may rarely, if ever, be used. Saving on building materials for a smaller house not only saves money but also helps preserve the environment. If constructed using smart modern design, technology, and materials, a small house is more comfortable, costs less to maintain, and uses less energy to heat and cool".

Credit; Sheri Koones' introduction on p 4