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Small Home costs

This is a 750 Sq Ft small home

Customers #1 question, how much does a 800 square foot cottage/small home cost to build? They start at $80 per sq ft or $64,000

Bundy A&E Abingdon VA


750 sq ft one bedroom, one bath energy efficient home built with Structural Insulated Panels on a High Performance foundation.

Building Performance Testing/Blower Door...


Blower Door Testing helps to determine building performance in relation to energy requirements (both cooling & heating) this will determine your energy costs and ways of reducing them.

Air Leakage Tools


One of the building performance tools is the infrared monitor which records problem areas like air leakage in your home.

SIPs Construction Video

Check out this great SIPs video!

Building Better - Not Bigger!

SIPs Download PDF

SIPA-Labor-Savings-brochure-pdf (pdf)


SIPs info from Matt Risinger of THE BUILD SHOW!

The three benefits of SIPs construction

  1. Build 50% faster than a traditional stick frame house
  2. Insulation; average R3.6 per inch
  3. Air tightness reduces HVAC load

Structural Insulated Panel Video

Check out this great video